Yandere Simulator is a stealth game about stalking a young man and secretly eliminating anyone who seems interested in him, while maintaining the image of an innocent student.

A Yandere girl is a girl who loves a boy so much that she is willing to threaten, harm, or kill any other girl who seems interested in him.

The gameplay is similar to the Hitman series; you are put into a large environment filled with many NPCs, and you must track down a specific target and eliminate them. You can use stealth to kill your target without any witnesses, stage an accident that leaves no evidence, or just slaughter anyone who gets in your way. If you don’t dispose of corpses, clean up blood, and destroy evidence, then the police might be able to link you to a murder and arrest you.

If you don’t want to get any blood on your hands, you can use social sabotage to get rid of a girl; frame her for one of your crimes, get her expelled from school, or ruin her reputation. If you truly want her to suffer, convince every other girl in school to bully her until she commits suicide and saves you the trouble.

If the boy you love witnesses you committing murder, he could never love you, and the game would be over.

Here is a short list of some of the features you can look forward to:

  • Persistent Reputation: When you are spotted doing something incriminating, students will gossip about you. When your reputation is low, students will be cautious around you, and will consider you to be suspicious. When your reputation is high, students will let their guard down around you, and will be willing to do favors for you.
  • Sanity Level: When you perform an act of violence, you will lose Sanity. This will cause you to appear visibly insane. If you lose too much Sanity, people will be able to tell that you are insane just by looking at you. If the boy you love sees you like this, he could never love you, and the game would be over.
  • Sanity-Determined Kill Animations: The killing animations will be determined by your current level of Sanity. When your Sanity is high, your kills will be efficient, quick, and silent. When your Sanity is low, your kills will be sloppy, messy, and noisy. When you have lost all Sanity, your kills will be long, brutal, and sadistic.
  • Yandere Vision: A button on the keyboard / controller will be dedicated entirely “Yandere” actions, such as creepy laughter. When Yandere Vision is active, important characters and objects will be highlighted and visible through walls.
  • Panty Shots: A certain character will perform important favors for you if you send them photographs of girls’ panties. Panty shots are a “currency” that can buy favors and give you various advantages.
  • There will be several non-lethal elimination methods available.

The player will be able to decide their Senpai’s gender at the beginning of the game. I would also like to allow the player to customize the appearance of Senpai, as well as the appearance of the protagonist.

At this point in time, I do not have any plans to allow the player to choose their gender. It is possible that it may become a “stretch goal” for the game’s eventual crowd-funding campaign.

For now, the protagonist is named “Yandere-chan”, and the object of her affection is named “Senpai-kun” (or “Senpai-chan” depending on their gender). In the final game, Yandere-chan’s name will be something that sounds natural, but has “Yan” in it, so that her nickname can be “Yan-chan”. Her final name will probably be “Ayano”.

The PC version of the game is top priority. I will not concentrate on developing the game for any other platform until the PC version is finished. I have the ability to export a Mac build or Linux build of the game, but I have never tested these builds, so I can’t promise that the game will have a Mac or Linux version. Developing games for console is extremely expensive, so this is something that I can’t promise unless Yandere Simulator is financially successful, or unless I host a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for releasing the game on other platforms.

Yandere Simulator may seem like a simple game at this point in time, but the final version of the game will be extremely complex. It is extremely unlikely that a mobile device such as the 3DS, Vita, iPhone, or Android could ever run the full version of Yandere Simulator. In order to run on a mobile device, the game would have to be simplified so much that it wouldn’t even be fun anymore.

To Be Continued………