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There was a really annoying bug in the previous build. I wanted to fix this bug and upload a new build immediately, but it would be weird to upload a new build just to fix ONE bug, so I decided to throw in a few other fixes and additions…and now it’s ready!

Aside from the new build, I also have some other stuff to show you, too! Scroll down past this beautiful illustration by yuri0 to check it all out!

Click the text that says “Continue Reading” to see to see a list of everything that is new in this build, and some other things, as well!

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Announcing a partnership with tinyBuild!

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “What?! A partnership with a company?!” But, wait! Don’t panic! Please watch the video before jumping to any conclusions:

Please remember the following key points:

If you’re low on time and don’t have time to watch the video, here’s a summary:

This was a very difficult decision to make, because I was very concerned about how the fans would feel about it. However, considering all of the above points, I honestly see no downside to this partnership. I really hope that you’ll be supportive of this decision!

If you were losing faith in Yandere Simulator’s development, or becoming fearful that the game would never be completed, I hope that this will reassure you. tinyBuild has a history of helping struggling game developers finish their games. With their support, Yandere Simulator is guaranteed to be completed!

Here is tinyBuild’s press release about the subject!

As always – thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

New build now, new video soon

I usually upload new builds and videos simultaneously – but today is an exception. My next video will contain a really big announcement, so I’ve scheduled it for 8:00 AM PST, a time when more people will be awake. (That’s about 6 hours away from when this blog post goes up.)

I’ve uploaded a new build of the game. To read about everything is new and different in the latest build, scroll down beneath this beautiful drawing by flannel_kun!

Changes and Additions

  • Changed the shade of pink that covers the screen when Yandere-chan is near Senpai. Previously, it was 100% magenta. Now, it’s a lighter shade of pink that matches the game’s branding.
  • Fixed bug in Pose Mode that would cause graphical errors with the teachers’ textures if trying to change a teacher’s hairstyle.
  • If you go into the Settings menu and press the spacebar on your keyboard, you can toggle experimental graphics settings.
  • Kokona won’t try to begin her cooking event if Yandere-chan is already cooking in the kitchen at the time of the event.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the incinerator’s sound effect to be heard even when nowhere near the incinerator.
  • It is now possible to customize a female student’s stockings in Pose Mode.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Cyborg Mode from working properly.
  • Added two new hair models for Yandere-chan.
  • Added one new accessory for Yandere-chan.
  • Adjusted Saki Miyu’s hair model.

Osana Progress?

Extremely significant progress has been made on Osana – unrelated to code – but I have not had much time to actually sit down and write code lately. You’ll know what has been eating up my time once you see my next video, when it goes live about 6 hours from now. Because of the exciting events that I’m going to describe in my next video, I am now more hyped than ever to work on Osana!

I think that March 1st ~ March 15th is finally going to be the time period when I will proudly be able to say that I’ve finally made significant code-related progress on Osana for the first time since January. I am really pumped up about this! Once again, I apologize that it is taking so long for me to get Osana ready for you. Game development is full of unexpected twists and turns.


After my second “What’s Taking So Long?” video, I received hundreds of supportive messages encouraging me to take better care of myself. I’ve decided to take the advice that I’ve been given. It’s very important to me to continue making steady progress on Yandere Simulator, so I’m still going to work on it 7 days a week, but I’m going to cut down the number of hours that I work. I’m reducing my work hours to about 10 hours per day. I’ll still only take off one day per month.

To relax and unwind after a day of work, I’ve been streaming video games to; if you’re interested, you can come watch me. I usually start streaming every night at 12 midnight in the PST timezone. By the way, I absolutely need to take off an entire day to stream The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild when it comes out, and you’re welcome to come watch me! (If I don’t get it on release day, I will definitely stream it the day afterwards.)

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

“Even Yanderes Need To Love” – A Parody Video

If you’re a Vocaloid fan, you may be familiar with “Kunoichi Demo Koi ga Shitai” – a song that was released in 2013. The title translates to “I Want to Love Even if I’m a Female Ninja”, or “Even a Kunoichi Needs Love”. A fantastic English cover was created by rachie and JubyPhonic.

Earlier this month, a fan of Yandere Simulator created artwork for a Yandere Sim-themed parody of the original music video. She showed her work to me, and I thought it was fantastic! With her cooperation and with the help of a video editor, we produced a higher-quality version of her original video. I got permission from rachie and JubyPhonic to upload the video to my channel – and here it is!

I hope you enjoy it!

That’s cool, but what about the game’s development?

I may have some very exciting news to announce soon, but I don’t want to say anything until it’s 100% set in stone. I’m sorry for keeping you waiting! Thank you for your patience!

Why is Yandere Simulator’s development taking so long? Part 2

This is the follow-up video to the video that was uploaded yesterday. Yesterday’s video focused on the problems that are impeding development. Today’s video proposes several potential solutions.

After watching the video, please take the time to vote on these two polls:

Out of all of the solutions that I proposed in the video, which one would you prefer?

Are you a “Chill Fan” or a “Heated Fan”?

Why is Yandere Simulator’s development taking so long?

I decided to create a video discussing the reasons why Yandere Simulator’s development is taking so long, and how to speed it up. After writing the script for this video, I realized that it was going to be so long that it would probably be a good idea to divide it into two videos. The first video is about the problems, and the second video is about the potential solutions.

Here is the first video:

I’m sure that you will have some questions after watching this video. Please wait for me to prepare the second video; it will probably address most of the thoughts that you’ll have after watching the first video.

New Build Now, New Video Later

I’ve uploaded a new build with some improvements and bug fixes. I won’t have a new video prepared until tomorrow (Feb 15th) or the day after (Feb 16th). If you’re hoping to hear an update on Osana progress, don’t worry – it’ll be covered in tomorrow’s video.

To see a list of everything that is new or different in the new build, scroll down beneath this amazing illustration of Yandere-chan as a magical girl, created by Lady Tapioca!

And there’s a “Yan” version, too! Check it out!

Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Significantly reduced file size and memory usage by compressing numerous files that were way too large. (This should probably fix the “out-of-memory” crashes that have been happening for many users. If the game has been constantly crashing for you, please test out the latest build, because the crashing bug should be fixed now.)
  • Fixed bug that could cause the player to permanently freeze after killing Midori in the Light Music Club under specific circumstances (summon, kill, dismember, summon again, kill again).
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to have her rooftop conversation in the shower room if she was splashed with water on her way to talk with Saki on the rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a club leader’s subtitles to linger onscreen permanently instead of disappearing like all other subtitle text.
  • Students will now walk on pathways instead of walking on grass. Also, students will no longer walk on the borders of pathways.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to always look directly at Yandere-chan whenever she was performing a club activity.
  • Fixed bug that was causing bugs with kidnapped victims in the basement if the player was using the 6th school uniform.
  • Restored the hidden “give Yandere-chan a long skirt” command, which was accidentally disabled in the previous build.
  • It is no longer possible to take a panty shot of a character who is not wearing a skirt.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to use psychokinesis on teachers during Bad Time Mode.
  • Fixed the “bald spot” on one of Yandere-chan’s hairstyles.
  • Added sound effects to the east and west fountains.
  • Added several new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Added 1 new accessory for Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed a typo in the credits.

February 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve got a bunch of bug fixes for you! Click here to download the next build! If you’d like to read a list of all the things that are fixed / changed in this build, scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous artwork by TheJennyPill!

Fixes and Changes

  • When students play games in the computer lab, they are supposed to shut the game off when they walk away from the computer. I’ve fixed a bug that was preventing the students from properly shutting the game off when walking away from their computers during some circumstances.
  • It is no longer possible to tell a student to “Go Away” if they are currently walking from one place to another. It is now only possible to tell a student to “Go Away” if they have actually reached some destination that they intend to occupy for some time.
  • Previously, telling multiple students to “Go Away” would cause them to all travel to the exact same spot and attempt to occupy one position in space. Now, telling multiple students to “Go Away” causes them all to go to different spots.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the laptop girl to continue talking and animating even if time had stopped (via pausing or taking a picture). Also, the girl’s speech will now slow down when Yandere Vision is active.
  • Previously, it was possible to speak to students in the middle of class. Now, students will tell you to hush and leave them alone if you try to speak to them while class is in session.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause students to be unable to pathfind towards destinations on the school’s second floor (primarily affected the Martial Arts Club).
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to sit in midair if you told them to “Go Away” during a point in time when their schedule would cause them to sit in a chair.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to put on a school uniform while she was still bloody if she removed a bloody club uniform while at her locker.
  • Telling a student to “Go Away” will no longer make them spend hours standing alone somewhere. They will now only “Go Away” for a maximum of 60 seconds.
  • Spaced out the lines of text in the Police Investigation Sequence so that the lines of text are no longer intersecting.
  • Students are no longer willing to perform favors for you if their next class begins in less than 30 minutes.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Occult Club members to die with books in their hands.
  • Removed strength value for a character who doesn’t fight back when attacked.


By the way, you guys, PLEASE keep this information in mind: I’ve had to point dozens of people to that blog post over the past 2 days.

Personalities and Photography in Yandere Simulator

It’s time for a new build and a new video!

This video explains my reasoning for adding certain things to the game, tells you what’s new this week, and describes some things that I’d like to add to the game in the future:

Here’s a list of everything that is new in the latest build:

Personas and Photography

  • There are now 7 Personality types, or “Personas” in total.
  • The 3 new ones are Coward, Evil, and Social Butterfly.
  • (Female) Students will now react when the player aims a camera at them. Their reaction depends on their personality.
  • For now, all male students will have the Loner personality or Teacher’s Pet personality, and will not react to the camera. I can’t give them other personalities or reactions because, at this point in time, I don’t have an animation rig for male characters, and I can’t transfer female animations to male skeletons.
  • If the player joins the Photography Club, students will not react to the camera, and will allow the player to Photograph them without any problems.

Bug Fixes

  • Attempted to fix a bug that would get cause two students walking in a straight line towards one another to get “stuck” on one another, and unable to proceed along their paths.
  • The player is no longer allowed to use the “Torture for 12 hours” or “Torture for 18 hours” option to skip the day on a Friday, since this would break the Calendar screen.
  • Attempted to fix a bug where a student dying from poison could have their “dying from poison” animation be interrupted.
  • Removed shadows from the custom face template image in the Streaming Assets folder.
  • If Senpai dies because of an easter egg, he will come back to life the next day.
  • Did a better job of hiding the hidden girl.
  • Fixed bug that would allow students to walk around during the post-game screen or after a game over, which was causing several other bugs to be possible.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona’s phone event to malfunction if the player was speaking to Kokona while her event was beginning.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kuu Dere’s Student Info page to display Mai Waifu’s portrait.
  • Fixed an incorrect classroom sign.


  • Added a humorous “WARNING” message to the beginning of the game. I might remove it, if people complain that it gives the game the wrong vibe.
  • Added a bunch of “Fake” students who exist so that the player can join clubs that don’t have official club leaders yet.
  • An accessory will now appear on Yandere-chan’s body when she joins certain clubs (Cooking, Occult, Martial Arts, Photography).
  • Attempted to improve the framerate of the game by making optimizations to certain scripts.
  • Added hair physics to some long hairstyles that were lacking physics.
  • Gave each teacher in the game a unique appearance.
  • Added a greenhouse to the gardening club zone.
  • Added 6 new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Added 1 new hairstyle for Senpai-kun.

Sanity Effects

  • Ever since the first week of the game’s development, Yandere-chan’s eyes would shrink when she lost her sanity. Previously, her eyes would shrink into very small dots. This reflects an “angry” character, not a “hollow” character, so I have changed the minimum size of her eyes. Her eyes can still shrink, but not as much as before. Her eyes are meant to say “I am empty and dead inside”, and not “I am violent and crazy.”
  • Previously, Yandere-chan’s eyes would become blank and lifeless when “Yandere Vision” was activated. Now, they become blank when she loses sanity.
  • Now, when Yandere Vision is activated, Yandere-chan’s eyes become red.
  • A shadow now gradually falls over Yandere-chan’s face as she loses sanity.

By the way, I foolishly forgot to mention it last time, but the “Bad Time” easter egg was only made possible through help from Saracen! Thank you, Saracen!

What’s Next?

My current objective is to make all clubs functional. The reason that I implemented personalities this week was so that I could get the Photography club’s benefit to function. So, the next features that I’ll add to the game will be “whatever features must be implemented in order to make all clubs become functional.” The Light Music club’s benefit is that Yandere-chan gains access to a cello case that allows her to carry a corpse without appearing suspicious…but only if that corpse has been chopped up into pieces first. So, the Light Music Club can’t become functional until dismemberment returns to the game. I definitely want to re-implement it…let’s just hope that I can pull it off within 2 weeks!

New Build Coming Soon!

I always try to upload a new build of the game on the 1st and 15th days of every month, right when the clock strikes midnight (in the PST timezone, that is). I won’t be able to upload a new build within the next 3 hours, but I feel very confident that it will be ready within the next 27 hours!

In the meantime, you can check out this absolutely stunning illustration by sm-exery!

Yandere Simulator Is Banned From Twitch

Yesterday, Yandere Simulator was banned from That’s a real shame, because is, by far, the most dominant game streaming website on the Internet. Twitch almost has a monopoly on game streaming. There are some noteworthy competitors, but Twitch’s reach and visibility is beyond anything else available. As a result, when Twitch refuses to allow a certain game to be broadcasted, it deprives that game of a lot of visibility.

You can find out more information by watching this video:

In this video, I mentioned that I’d be willing to modify some of the game’s content in order to make it acceptable for broadcast – the key word there is “some“. I would only be willing to change minor and insignificant things that aren’t part of my vision for the game, such as the skin texture during Titan Mode or the size of steam clouds on a nude character’s body. I would not be willing to remove gameplay mechanics or change parts of the game that are essential to my vision, such as torture, bullying, panty shots, erotic manga, the ability to kill students in a school setting, etc.

I hope that Twitch re-examines their criteria for banning a game from their service. I hope that Twitch realizes that Yandere Simulator isn’t anywhere near as bad as many of the other games that they’ve banned. I hope that Twitch realizes that they presently allow people to stream games that are far worse than Yandere Simulator. I hope that Twitch revokes their ban on Yandere Simulator.

However, I’m not going to hold my breath.

January 15th Progress Report

I’m not sure whether to call this a “Progress Report” or a “Lack-Of-Progress Report”, because the only information I can report is the fact that I didn’t have enough time to make any significant progress on the game over the past two weeks.

Here’s a video that explains the situation in detail:

Although the last “bug-fixing update” was uploaded on January 3rd, I continued to fix bugs after that date. I logged all of the bugs that I fixed into a text file on my desktop, but unfortunately, when my hard drive died last week, I lost that text file. I know that I fixed somewhere around 10 bugs, but I can’t recall exactly what they were.

So, here’s what this week’s changelog looks like:

  • Fixed bug that would cause students to face the wrong direction and not sit down in their seats if the player arrived at school late.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student’s “detection marker” to remain onscreen after that student had died.
  • Fixed about 10 miscellaneous bugs.
  • Added a new Easter Egg.

Yikes! What an embarrassing changelog…hopefully, I’ll have a much more impressive one on February 1st.

Please Stop






Would you rather have me spend my time typing out a reply to your e-mail, or would you rather have me spend my time putting new features into the game? Obviously, you’d rather see the game get updated, so don’t e-mail me unless it’s extremely important!

For the love of all that is holy, DO NOT e-mail me and ask me when the next update is coming out, because by making me read your e-mail, you’re reducing the amount of time that I can spend working on the game, and thus you’re delaying the next update.

Read this: Please Stop Sending Me Stupid E-mails!

And read this: E-mail Problems and Download Problems

And also read this: Things You Should Not E-mail YandereDev About


Also, please DO NOT volunteer if you have zero experience doing whatever it is you’re trying to volunteer to do. Just because you own a microphone, this does not make you a voice actor. Just because you’ve made an MMD video, this does not make you an animator. Just because you can scribble a stick figure onto a piece of paper, this does not make you an artist. Do not volunteer unless you have an impressive portfolio of previous work to show me.

These posts do not stop 100% of all stupid e-mails, but whenever I don’t have a post like this at the top of my blog, I get 10x the number of e-mails that I normally receive.

Should Yandere Simulator be re-named?

Depending on your perception of Yandere Simulator, and depending on what you think the game is supposed to be about, you might be surprised to hear this, but I don’t think that “Yandere Simulator” is the most appropriate title for this game.

I’ve put my thoughts into a video:

As usual, I’d like to ask the community what they think about my latest proposal.

Should I re-name Yandere Simulator?

How do you feel about the name “LoveSick”?

Also, just for fun:

Which of these is your favorite name?

The last time I polled the fanbase, I think I got a pretty clear picture of the game’s audience. However, I’d like to run those polls again to find out if Yandere Simulator’s fanbase has changed over the past year.

How old are you?

What is your gender?

What do you want the MOST from Yandere Simulator?

Those are the only polls that I’m prepared to create right now. I might want to poll the community on other matters in the future, but for now, that’s all I’ve got.

What’s next?

I spent the first three days of the month fixing bugs. Making the “Past, Present, and Future” video took several days, I spent several days getting my computer operational after my main hard drive died, and making the “Should Yandere Simulator be re-named?” video took several more days. Now it’s January 13th, which leaves me with about 1 day to try and update Yandere Simulator. (Since it takes at least 1 day to make an update video, I’d have to work on the 13th, record a video on the 14th, and upload it on the 15th).

It’s nearly impossible to accomplish anything significant within 1 day, so I don’t think you should get too excited for a spectacular update on the 15th. I’m going to try my best to implement something special that I think will only take one day to implement, but I don’t want to make any promises.

By the way – if you’ve been following this blog for over a year, you might recall that January 17th and January 19th are special days for me. I’ll be hosting a special event on Jan 17th and 19th. I’ll make a blog post with the details on Jan 16th. However, it’s completely unrelated to Yandere Simulator, so I’ll delete the blog post after the event ends.

By the way…

In my latest video, I prominently featured three indie games: Surgeon Simulator, Goat Simulator, and Shower With Your Dad Simulator. I used these games as an example of why the word “Simulator” is associated with humor. However, I wasn’t trying to imply that these are bad games, I wasn’t trying to imply that these games are poorly designed, and I wasn’t trying to shame the developers of these games. I’ve played all of those games, and I got a laugh out of each one of them! I’m merely trying to communicate the fact that I don’t want Yandere Simulator to be dismissed as a joke simply because it has the word “Simulator” in the title. I intend to spend the next few years of my life trying to make sure that this game has excellent gameplay and solid design, and it would be very sad if all my work goes to waste because of a word in the game’s title.

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